BambooHR vs. Zenefits – Compare Top Human Resources Software Systems

Compare top Human Resources products for your businesses with this in-depth look at BambooHR vs. Zenefits.

Software Advice Versus helps you narrow down the field, so you can choose the best Human Resources platform for your needs. We’ll compare multiple variables that go into your decision making process when comparing BambooHR vs. Zenefits.

Discover how BambooHR vs. Zenefits compare with regards to:

  • Pricing
  • Applicants
  • Ease of Use
  • Support

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    How to Get Buy in From Stakeholders on Your Next HR Software Purchase

    Ready to make your case for new software? Download this template to help you get organized and convince stakeholders to support your case for new hr software.

    Getting buy-in from stakeholders isn’t always easy, but you have to start somewhere. More importantly, you need to convince all stakeholders that this software purchase project can benefit all stakeholders—at any level.

    Software Advice has created a handy downloadable stakeholder template. You can use this with your stakeholder’s influence and interest, level of involvement, and pain points, which will help you identify their needs and plan for how to address them.

    In addition, one of our expert software advisors will help analyze your unique business needs and set you up with free product demos and price information.

      Paylocity vs. ADP – Compare Top Payroll Software Systems

      Compare top Payroll products for your businesses with this in-depth look at Paylocity vs. ADP.

      Software Advice Versus helps you narrow down the field, so you can choose the best Payroll platform for your needs. We’ll compare multiple variables that go into your decision making process when comparing Paylocity vs. ADP.

      Discover how Paylocity vs. ADP compare with regards to:

      • Pricing
      • Applicants
      • Ease of Use
      • Support

      Download your white paper today to learn which system is right for you!

        Giving Matters: Realizing the Potential of a Donor-advised Fund

        Leveraging a DAF is a powerful way to make a meaningful difference — today and in the future.


        Giving Matters: Realizing the potential of a donor-advised fund (DAF) is a downloadable guide with key information to making the greatest possible impact with a DAF. From tax strategies that allow donors to give more generously, to advice on utilizing a DAF for disaster relief, to information about new giving tools like recoverable grants and Smartfunds, this guide offers specific tips and approaches to take DAF-giving even further.

        As Vanguard Charitable celebrates a quarter of a century working to maximize the effects of your philanthropy, we continue to see the limitless potential of DAFs. Since our inception in 1997, our donors have nearly eclipsed $15 billion in DAF grants to charity. The total number of individual DAFs in the U.S. now surpasses one million accounts – and that number is growing fast as more and more donors discover the power of this giving tool.

          Future-proof Your Organization

          Spotlight on pay for skills


          Imagine a world where you could predict the skills your organization will need today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Recent experiences have taught us the value of knowing what skills reside within the organization, how demand for skills can swiftly shift with the market, and the value of deploying or developing existing employees to meet changing needs.

          Download Mercer’s point of view paper “Future-proof your organization” to:

          • Implement pay for skills as a key component of a skill-development culture
          • Create a culture that breeds transparency
          • Secure future talent

            Gaining A Skills Edge Through Agile Talent Practices

            Make the move from jobs to skills


            True transformation requires companies to deconstruct jobs into units of skill and update talent models so that skills are the basis for defining work, deploying talent, managing careers and valuing employees. Success will depend on companies showing that skills are the dominant language of the organization (not jobs or functions) and creating a culture that supports learning.

            Download Mercer’s “Gaining a skills edge through agile talent practices” whitepaper to: 

            • Implement a skills-based talent model
            • Put in place skills-based processes fit for the long-haul
            • Build long-term employability

              The Value and Impact of Workforce Mental Health

              Comprehensive mental health benefits are proven to increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention, and decrease overall health plan spending.

              Health care networks and traditional EAPs simply aren’t enough to support the mental health of your employees. Only 20% of patients who receive therapy through a traditional EAP or health plan experience reliable symptom improvement or recovery from their behavioral health conditions. This whitepaper explores the real ROI, both human and financial, that can be gained through a comprehensive mental health benefit like Lyra.

                Software Advice Alternatives Guide: 5 Top Payroll Options Instead of Paylocity

                Looking for Payroll options? Find an alternative to Paylocity that works great for your business.

                Whether it’s because of the price, features or other factors, you’ve realized Paylocity is not for you.

                Thankfully, there are some great alternatives. Explore this free guide from Software Advice, which covers the most asked-about and top user-rated alternatives to Paylocity. Compare the top systems ranked by users side-by-side and narrow down your favorite options.

                Plus, get free one-on-one help with a Software Advice advisor, who will help you find software for your business, fast. They’ll put together a list of personalized software recommendations for you within 15 minutes, so you can make a confident choice for your business.

                  Simwood: A Partners secret weapon in the Hosted PBX space

                  Simwood, building a fair and transparent market place empowering partners to deliver huge value to their client base so they can focus on adding value in the chain.

                  Simwood is a well known carrier with 25+ years of industry expertise, we are proud to present our private labelled Hosted VoIP platform to Resellers & Partners. Our Platform boasts hundreds of features, a rock-solid API all built on our robust network which is built with resilience in mind. We believe in enpowering end-users with the latest features and best tech! We champion encryption and fraud controls as standard whilst giving away huge value in our proposition such as call recording! Please have a look at our presentation and complete our contact form is you would like a Demo. Be the next Partner to utilise Simwood as your secret weapon!

                    A Requirements-Driven Approach to Cyber Threat Intelligence

                    Structured and repeatable processes should underpin the creation and maintenance of intelligence requirements.


                    Implementing a requirements-driven approach will significantly improve the efficiency, utility, and value of an cyber threat intelligence program. Requirements-driven intelligence functions are highly effective in triaging and balancing a host of competing demands.

                    Download this whitepaper to learn what it means to be requirements-driven in practice, and get actionable advice on how Intelligence functions can implement and optimize such an approach themselves.