2022 State of Workforce Mental Health Report

Learn what 1,000+ employees and 250 employee benefits leaders had to say about mental health in the new world of work.

It’s no secret that employees today are struggling, whether from stress and burnout or severe mental health conditions. With workers’ mental health at historic lows, 84% say mental health benefits are important to them when seeking a new job. Employers are increasingly aware of these truths, but are often unsure how best to address them. That starts with getting a clear view of today’s workforce mental health landscape.

Uncover the data shaping mental health at work today, including:

  • The top mental health challenges employees face
  • Workers’ experiences and perceptions about mental health and their employers’ efforts to support it

    Pricing of Popular HR Software

    The software struggle is real. You want a user-approved product with the features you need, without spending an arm and a leg.

    Striking this balance requires lots and lots of research.

    This is certainly true for HR systems, which help HR leaders and personnel with the attraction, recruitment, management, engagement, and development of their employees. Your business needs these features to stay competitive, but how do you know if the asking price is fair?

    That’s where we come in.

    In this report, we’ll offer detailed insight into the five HR products with the most Software Advice user reviews. We’ll also share pricing details for each, so you can make the best decision for your budget.

      ADP vs. Paycor – Compare Top HR Software Systems

      Compare top human resources products for your businesses with this in-depth look at ADP vs. Paycor.


      Software Advice Versus helps you narrow down the field, so you can choose the best HR platform for your needs. We’ll compare multiple variables that go into your decision-making process when comparing ADP vs. Paycor.

      Discover how ADP vs. Paycor compare with regards to:

      • Ratings & Reviews
      • Value for Money
      • Ease-of-Use
      • Customer Support