Workday’s Whitepaper: How ESG strategies help banks protect profits and the planet.

In this article, Pete Rutman discusses how banks need transparent reporting to make a meaningful impact to address Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) initiatives. He also demonstrates how for banks, as technology evolves, financial leaders have even greater opportunities to set themselves apart as sustainability leaders.

Bank executives have a lot on their minds. Competition from tech-native start-ups. Navigating mergers and acquisitions. Enterprise-wide digital transformation.

    Utility Industry Outlook 2023: 4 Workforce Management Trends to Watch

    The demand for workforce management technologies is growing rapidly, and this has implications for utility companies and their field operations.

    To meet their current and future operational challenges, utility companies can benefit tremendously from leveraging workforce management technologies. Fortunately, a new generation of enterprise-grade field workforce digitization platforms is fast emerging. These solutions are allowing utilities to take full advantage of geospatial field data to inform operational decisions, automate workflows, and enable deep, ongoing visibility into how field operations are unfolding across the service area.

      Creating the Perfect Recycling Plant

      Technology consumption will not stop. But is it manageable and sustainable? That’s the question on the table for tech executives, manufacturers, recyclers, government officials, retailers, and consumers alike.

      Today’s society thrives on technology. The essential tech requires rare-earth elements (REEs) to work. But those metals are not cheap, and not easily accessible. First, mining the earth is environmentally and economically challenging. Secondly, uncertain geopolitical relations with China. In 2020, the U.S. alone imported more than 80% of REEs from China. Reducing the burden on importing from China by reusing what we already have is one solution to the costly problem.

        How Atlassian’s CDP Strategy Drives Customer Acquisition and Retention

        Date: January 11, 2023
        Time: 2pm ET / 11am PT


        As brands modernize customer experiences, more marketing teams are adopting customer data platforms (CDPs). But more than one-third of deployed CDPs deliver little or no value, according to the CDP Institute’s 2022 member survey.

        So why are many CDPs failing to improve customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty for businesses?

        Join us for a live Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by ActionIQ. Our guests will share reliable tactics and CDP use cases to help you gain new customers and keep them coming back. 

          How Hexagon generated brand awareness using Qualifi’s world-class Construction data

          Read your free case study to learn how world-class data and hyper-targeted segmentation improve marketing results

          “We have been lucky enough to work with Qualifi and benefit from the world-class data they hold on very specific subsets of our target audience. We were able to drill down directly into those we knew were likely to be interested in our products, and the results reflected this.”

            B2B Trends: How Intent Data Can Boost Marketing Results

            To achieve success in today’s digital world, marketers need to collect, analyze and master intent data. But what exactly is intent data and how can organizations use this information to close deals?

            To answer these questions, we’ve recruited a team of B2B marketing experts to share their tips, tricks and insights on intent data. The result is our free e-book, “B2B Trends: How Intent Data Can Boost Marketing Results.” In it, you’ll discover not only the trends behind intent data, but what actual marketers like you are doing to use it. 

              How to Upgrade Corporate Lending With the Right Digital Tools

              Discover how financial institutions are exceeding new client expectations and minimizing corporate lending timelines.

              Corporate lending has entered a new era of service expectations. Banks are being asked to shrink their corporate lending timelines from a month or more to less than 24 hours—all while creating a seamless and customized experience for clients. 

              Financial institutions need to adopt new, creative ways of doing business through each stage of the client’s journey. Fortunately, for many parts of this process, the right digital banking tools can help. Not only does automation get things done faster, it can enrich each stage of the lending experience, from onboarding to meeting clients’ ongoing needs.

                Marketing Operations

                The Ultimate A-Z Guide

                Marketing Operations (MOps) is still in its infancy. That’s primarily due to every company being different, and there isn’t a standard structure that can be applied to every marketing model.

                So, we’ve put together this short guide to illuminate what MOps is and how it should work in your company.

                In this ebook, we address the following topics, among others:

                • Who are the stakeholders in marketing ops?
                • What does marketing operations do?
                • How to set up your marketing operations?
                • The secret to an efficient MOps team
                • What are the benefits of successful marketing operations?

                  6 Elements of a High-Converting Opt-In Page

                  Increase downloads of your B2B SaaS lead magnet by creating a compelling opt-in page.

                  As a SaaS marketer, you know it takes a significant amount of time and effort to create high quality lead magnets, like ebooks, white papers and guides.

                  But your lead magnet’s ability to drive downloads—and revenue—depends heavily on how compelling your opt-in page is.

                  What you’ll find in the ebook:

                  • 6 elements that will help you increase downloads of your lead magnet
                  • 6 screenshots of how other SaaS companies use those elements to great success
                  • 8 ways to promote your opt-in page to increase traffic and downloads

                    Digital Brand Protection for Financial Institutions

                    Revolutionize Your Phishing Response with Proactive Threat Detection

                    From online banking websites to mobile apps, these crucial parts of financial institutions are also easy targets. How can you start taking a proactive approach to protect your customers’ assets and your brand?

                    Download this eBook to learn:

                    • Common cyber attacks used by today’s threat actors against financial services institutions
                    • How threat actors gain access to phishing and spoofing kits
                    • The advantage of establishing a proactive approach to phishing and spoofing campaigns
                    • How security teams can discover if brand data is exposed to cyber attacks