6 Elements of a High-Converting Opt-In Page

Increase downloads of your B2B SaaS lead magnet by creating a compelling opt-in page.

As a SaaS marketer, you know it takes a significant amount of time and effort to create high quality lead magnets, like ebooks, white papers and guides.

But your lead magnet’s ability to drive downloads—and revenue—depends heavily on how compelling your opt-in page is.

What you’ll find in the ebook:

  • 6 elements that will help you increase downloads of your lead magnet
  • 6 screenshots of how other SaaS companies use those elements to great success
  • 8 ways to promote your opt-in page to increase traffic and downloads

    Digital Brand Protection for Financial Institutions

    Revolutionize Your Phishing Response with Proactive Threat Detection

    From online banking websites to mobile apps, these crucial parts of financial institutions are also easy targets. How can you start taking a proactive approach to protect your customers’ assets and your brand?

    Download this eBook to learn:

    • Common cyber attacks used by today’s threat actors against financial services institutions
    • How threat actors gain access to phishing and spoofing kits
    • The advantage of establishing a proactive approach to phishing and spoofing campaigns
    • How security teams can discover if brand data is exposed to cyber attacks

      Find the Best Facility Management Software–Get Expert Analysis, Recommendations & Pricing

      Get a free comparison of the top facility management systems, recommendations, and a pricing comparison from our experts.

      SelectHub product ratings and recommendations are based on expert analysis of the top systems matching your needs. Get the inside scoop on system usability and pricing from our analysts–and actual software buyers.

      Find the best facilities management software:

      • Interactive analyst report comparing the top systems
      • Free product demos, comparison templates and tools to help you in your selection project
      • Recommendations & pricing from a specialist

        Getting Started With Skills

        Are you ready to benefit from skills-based talent & pay practices?

        By simply defining jobs with skills, your organization can connect talent with work in a more modern, agile way — and better meet our changing business landscape. Don’t be left out while others are building flexibility and resiliency into talent practices. Use these few simple steps to help prepare your organization for the inevitable skills-based future of work.

        Download Mercer’s “Getting started with skills” article to learn how to: 

        • Develop the initial use case(s)
        • Identify a skills data set that will meet your needs
        • Apply a skills framework to your use case

        Download the full article to learn more.

          The Technology Marketer’s Guide to Creating a Thought Leadership Strategy

          53% of buyers say it’s important for new and small companies to produce thought leadership if they want buyers to consider working with them.

          Thought leadership content builds trust in your brand’s expertise, expands your reach, and helps drive awareness, lead generation, and revenue. IDC’s new interactive eBook, The Technology Marketer’s Guide to Creating a Thought Leadership Strategy, outlines the foundational elements that a successful thought leadership strategy needs.

          In this eBook you will learn:

          • How a leadership strategy supports marketing initiatives
          • The foundations of a successful thought leadership strategy
          • When to leverage 3rd-party market experts to elevate your thought leadership strategy

            The Tech Marketer’s Guide to Brand Messaging

            32% of industry pros reported that consistent messaging increased brand revenue by over 20%. But how consistent is yours?

            Brand messaging is the one thing that should tie together every piece of content you create. It is how your brand expresses its unique value proposition and inspires and motivates prospective buyers.

            A brand message can be a tagline or slogan and is instantly recognizable. From Apple’s “Think different” to Salesforce’s “We bring companies and customers together”, a brand message is something your buyers recognize and relate to.

            So how do you get started? In this eBook, we will be deep diving into the elements of a brand messaging framework:

            • Brand promise
            • Positioning statement
            • Target audience
            • Mission
            • Elevator pitch
            • Brand pillars

              How To Write a Business Case for New HR Software

              You know your business needs human resources (HR) software, but getting buy-in from stakeholders isn’t always easy.

              You know your business needs human resources (HR) software, but getting buy-in from stakeholders isn’t always easy. To obtain the necessary support and funding, you’ll need to convince them that such an investment would benefit everyone involved—at any level.

              That’s why we created this downloadable business case template, which you can use to document the software’s benefits, timeline for execution, and other relevant information. Having this knowledge beforehand will help you identify individual stakeholder needs and make a plan for how to address them.

              Simply download this document to get started.

                The Tech Marketer’s Guide to Video Marketing

                Find out why and how to use video to grow the success of your emerging tech business. This IDC eBook helps you to get started with planning and a strategy that will help grow awareness and ultimately increase leads.

                An image says more than a thousand words – and a video more than a thousand pieces of marketing material.

                Today’s tech marketers understand the importance of video: other than a live personal interaction, nothing tells a story, informs, and communicates better than a video. Video is compelling, engaging, and unique, which makes it a great asset for disruptive tech vendors who often have to explain new, disruptive products and solutions to

                  3 Ways to Torture Your CFO

                  Here’s how accounting departments are inflicting pain on their C-levels whether they know it or not…


                  From financial reporting issues to irreconcilable balances and missed deadlines, it seems the headaches never stop for CFOs. The good news is there are several ways accounting teams can help curb the pain. 

                  So don’t wait to download this free infographic! It just might help get your CFO get to sleep tonight.

                    Software Advice’s Top 5: Most Popular Project Management Software

                    Discover Software Advice’s picks for the Top 5 most popular project management systems and find the right software for your business.

                    With the multitude of project management software solutions available for businesses today, it’s helpful to identify some of the leaders in the market.

                    Fortunately, Software Advice created a helpful guide that identifies popular project management products based on a combination of their reported total number of customers, users and social presence.

                    Download today and let Software Advice help you find the best software for your needs!