CRM Software Requirements Checklist for 2022

Select your CRM system like an expert with a comprehensive requirements checklist.

Find the best CRM software system. SelectHub requirements checklists provide you with the top criteria identified by analysts and actual buyers of the software. These practical checklists allow you to save time, limit risk, and reduce the chance of missing key decision criteria. 

Get expert requirements for your CRM acquisition:

  1. Select your criteria using the analyst-sourced requirements checklist
  2. Prioritize your requirements using the free tool
  3. Export your final requirements to any file format

    Feedback Is Fuel: Use Insights to Supercharge Your Marketing

    To be successful, marketers need to be able to quickly create feedback loops and act on customer insights–no easy task in an uncertain market. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to listen to and better serve your customers–while boosting acquisition and retention. Sponsored by Momentive.


    Without the right insights, understanding buying behavior, customer journeys, and market needs can be challenging in the best of times. But with market uncertainty and shifting customer loyalties brought on by the pandemic, tracking customer sentiment and behavior is more challenging today—and more vital. To be successful in 2023, marketers will need to be able to quickly create feedback loops and act on their insights.

      Top PSA Software BattleCard–OpenAir vs. Kimble vs. FinancialForce PSA

      Compare software strengths & weaknesses to find a winning solution for your organization.

      This executive report provides a comparison for the top professional services automation (PSA) software based on features identified as most important by financial and project management executives within services organizations.

      Features compared (partial list):

      • Dashboard and Reporting
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Project Collaboration
      • Project Financials
      • Project Management
      • Resource Management
      • Time and Expense Management
      • Mobile Capabilities
      • Integration and Extensibility

      Software BattleCard leverages SelectHub’s technology selection management (TSM) platform to provide analyst-vetted criteria for requirements and vendor scores.

        NetSuite CRM+ vs. Salesforce Ratings, Compared

        NetSuite CRM+ or Salesforce–which is a better fit for your business?


        Each has its pros and cons while offering similar features and benefits. That’s why these two products are so often compared to one another.

        But, the differences between them could mean the success or failure of the tool for your business. To learn more, you need to hear honest feedback from other software users.

        To help you with that, we analyzed reviews from actual users who scored these products on things like value, ease of use, and more—so you have the info you need to choose your ideal software.

          The 2022 State of the Data Center Report


          The annual State of the Data Center Report offers a comprehensive look into the most up-to-the-minute technologies, trends and best practices dominating the data center market.

          The 2022 report includes critical findings around supply chain challenges, diversity and inclusion initiatives, 5G deployments, and the latest cloud and security trends.

          Areas covered include:

          • Data center deployment plans
          • DCIM strategies and new technologies
          • Data storage capacity and growth
          • Rack density
          • Renewable energy trends
          • Hiring practices and challenges
          • Generational trends, diversity, equity, and inclusion programs

            6 Elements of a High-Converting Opt-In Page

            Increase downloads of your B2B SaaS lead magnet by creating a compelling opt-in page.

            As a SaaS marketer, you know it takes a significant amount of time and effort to create high quality lead magnets, like ebooks, white papers and guides.

            But your lead magnet’s ability to drive downloads—and revenue—depends heavily on how compelling your opt-in page is.

            What you’ll find in the ebook:

            • 6 elements that will help you increase downloads of your lead magnet
            • 6 screenshots of how other SaaS companies use those elements to great success
            • 8 ways to promote your opt-in page to increase traffic and downloads

              The Grocery Dive Outlook on 2022

              Although they’re still largely benefiting from consumers eating at home during the pandemic, grocers face a myriad of challenges as they look to the year ahead.

              This includes continued supply chain disruptions, record-high inflation and difficulties hiring and retaining workers.

              How can companies balance defensive measures with the proactive steps necessary to address this mix of pressures and opportunities? In this trendline, Grocery Dive
              looks at some of the steps top retailers are taking along with the advice from leading experts.

                Paylocity vs. ADP – Compare Top Payroll Software Systems

                Compare top Payroll products for your businesses with this in-depth look at Paylocity vs. ADP.

                Software Advice Versus helps you narrow down the field, so you can choose the best Payroll platform for your needs. We’ll compare multiple variables that go into your decision making process when comparing Paylocity vs. ADP.

                Discover how Paylocity vs. ADP compare with regards to:

                • Pricing
                • Applicants
                • Ease of Use
                • Support

                Download your white paper today to learn which system is right for you!

                  Digital Brand Protection for Financial Institutions

                  Revolutionize Your Phishing Response with Proactive Threat Detection

                  From online banking websites to mobile apps, these crucial parts of financial institutions are also easy targets. How can you start taking a proactive approach to protect your customers’ assets and your brand?

                  Download this eBook to learn:

                  • Common cyber attacks used by today’s threat actors against financial services institutions
                  • How threat actors gain access to phishing and spoofing kits
                  • The advantage of establishing a proactive approach to phishing and spoofing campaigns
                  • How security teams can discover if brand data is exposed to cyber attacks