Workday’s Whitepaper: How ESG strategies help banks protect profits and the planet.

In this article, Pete Rutman discusses how banks need transparent reporting to make a meaningful impact to address Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) initiatives. He also demonstrates how for banks, as technology evolves, financial leaders have even greater opportunities to set themselves apart as sustainability leaders.

Bank executives have a lot on their minds. Competition from tech-native start-ups. Navigating mergers and acquisitions. Enterprise-wide digital transformation.

    White Paper: Multistate Payroll Tax Management

    Your Guide to Managing Multistate Payroll, the Risks and How to Avoid Critical Payroll Mistakes

    Managing payroll taxes for a multistate workforce can seem overwhelming. A patchwork of state and local laws, regulations and deadlines has to be navigated under the threat of penalties that in many cases are only getting stricter. It’s hard enough keeping up with record keeping and compliance in one state. Do you want to take on the risks of trying to manage compliance with a collection of them?

      Make Better Game Art, Faster

      Available On Demand

      What would your team accomplish if your creatives could find, share, review, and version all their art assets faster? The average game dev team’s creative process is messy, and that’s why Perforce recently launched a tool just for artists and designers: Helix DAM. Join Perforce Director of Product Marketing Katie Cole and Perforce Product Manager Gerhard Krüger as they discuss how Helix DAM lets your team do all of the above, plus:

      • Streamline the creative workflow
      • Save time & money
      • Secure creative IP
      • Maximize every asset

      Plus, learn from Miika Perkola, Tech Art Director at Stillalive Studios, why their team chose Helix DAM for digital asset management and how they plan to implement it in their upcoming projects.

        Utility Industry Outlook 2023: 4 Workforce Management Trends to Watch

        The demand for workforce management technologies is growing rapidly, and this has implications for utility companies and their field operations.

        To meet their current and future operational challenges, utility companies can benefit tremendously from leveraging workforce management technologies. Fortunately, a new generation of enterprise-grade field workforce digitization platforms is fast emerging. These solutions are allowing utilities to take full advantage of geospatial field data to inform operational decisions, automate workflows, and enable deep, ongoing visibility into how field operations are unfolding across the service area.

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            Creating the Perfect Recycling Plant

            Technology consumption will not stop. But is it manageable and sustainable? That’s the question on the table for tech executives, manufacturers, recyclers, government officials, retailers, and consumers alike.

            Today’s society thrives on technology. The essential tech requires rare-earth elements (REEs) to work. But those metals are not cheap, and not easily accessible. First, mining the earth is environmentally and economically challenging. Secondly, uncertain geopolitical relations with China. In 2020, the U.S. alone imported more than 80% of REEs from China. Reducing the burden on importing from China by reusing what we already have is one solution to the costly problem.

              A Better Buying Experience: Meeting the Expectations of Term Life Insurance Customers in 2023

              This white paper explores the term life insurance buying process, looking under the hood to reveal the weakest parts of the buying experience that keep so many Americans from considering the real value of a term life policy. Why should an advisor care about something as banal as the buying process? Because in the current high-growth environment coming out of the pandemic, every edge matters. The advisors who can deliver the most optimized solution will win.

              Purchasing term life insurance is no walk in the park–it can take weeks, includes an army of statisticians and underwriters, and requires bodily fluids from the applicant. When it’s finally over, neither the consumer nor the advisor has any real insight into why the consumer received their specific policy. For your clients, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

                How Atlassian’s CDP Strategy Drives Customer Acquisition and Retention

                Date: January 11, 2023
                Time: 2pm ET / 11am PT


                As brands modernize customer experiences, more marketing teams are adopting customer data platforms (CDPs). But more than one-third of deployed CDPs deliver little or no value, according to the CDP Institute’s 2022 member survey.

                So why are many CDPs failing to improve customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty for businesses?

                Join us for a live Tech-Talk Webinar, presented by ActionIQ. Our guests will share reliable tactics and CDP use cases to help you gain new customers and keep them coming back. 

                  How Hexagon generated brand awareness using Qualifi’s world-class Construction data

                  Read your free case study to learn how world-class data and hyper-targeted segmentation improve marketing results

                  “We have been lucky enough to work with Qualifi and benefit from the world-class data they hold on very specific subsets of our target audience. We were able to drill down directly into those we knew were likely to be interested in our products, and the results reflected this.”